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Notes From the Front: The Band of Mothers Write Back

After my recent article at The Federalist shared stories about the grassroots band of mothers fighting big business and big government over Common Core, a number of these moms sent me … Continue reading

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Our Equality Mania Has Destroyed Excellence

Once again, someone has put better words to a phenomenon I’ve been trying to describe. Here, Mark Signorelli explains why our experts…aren’t. Our “elites” are the kind of students who … Continue reading

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Common Core’s Institutional Capture

Perhaps the biggest obstacle to those who want to repeal and replace Common Core is the education establishment. The leaders of education in large part believe they are experts but … Continue reading

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Common Core ‘Losing the [Local] Messaging War’

A communications director for a national school advocacy organization called me up last week. “Your reporting impressed me as fair,” he said. And he wanted my advice, of all things, … Continue reading

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It’s Way Bigger than Common Core

Indiana held the last of its public hearings on new draft standards yesterday, and since it was the closest to me (although an hour and a half away), I went, … Continue reading

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American Kids Already Read Mostly Nonfiction In School

Last week, while nursing the whole house through the black plague and myself feverish, I talked to Dr. Dan Guernsey, principal of a Catholic classical school in Florida and a … Continue reading

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Five Common Core Math Examples

1. A Buffalo, New York TV station featured several “Homework Helper” segments featuring teachers showing parents how to work Common Core math problems. To add 9 + 5, for example, … Continue reading

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What Common Core Looks Like

As you can tell from the gap in posts, I’ve been submerged this past week, ever since taking the whole family to my first post-baby speaking engagement in Saint Louis. … Continue reading

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Common Core Communications Collaboratives Not Very Communicative

Two weeks ago, I got off the phone after about 30 seconds with Matt Gandal, a former executive at Achieve Inc., manager of Race to the Top implementation for the … Continue reading

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The New Racism: White Guys Need Not Apply

I talked with a Boston teacher a few days ago. When I interview, I like to actually spend a little time with people rather than only sticking to what I … Continue reading

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More on Why Preschool Vouchers Are a Bad Idea

After sending out yesterday’s School Choice Weekly, in which I bashed the Indiana House for passing a preschool voucher pilot, I received a few thoughtful comments in my email box. One … Continue reading

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